The Call and Answer of Discomfort

Comfort is more enjoyable than discomfort. Well that’s obvious and simple, right?   What if it wasn’t so simple… or as obvious? Here’s some situations to ponder. …  Have you ever had someone go out of their way to do something nice for you? Why does a nice gesture mean more to you when they put […]

Responding to Stress

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my body has responded to the running I put it through this year. Training, racing, and general ‘fun runs’ – each stress that I exposed myself to over the season allowed for new lessons to be learned. As I gain experience, I continually develop a deeper understanding of who […]

The Other Side of the Buckle

At the beginning of this year, I made an effort to document my physical and mental experiences while training for and completing one of the toughest endurance races in the world, the Fat Dog 120 mile ultra marathon. My intention was to provide a little taste of the ultra running world to those unfamiliar, as well […]

Fat Dog 120: Race Report

It’s been two weeks since I completed the Fat Dog 120 miler, one of the most gruelling endurance races in the world.  I’m still recovering physically, mentally, and emotionally from what has been the most exhausting and emotionally draining experiences I have put myself through.  I went into this race with zero doubt in my mind that […]

The Proper Mindset

I recently had an epiphany on the mindset needed going into a daunting race like Fat Dog. The number one goal of any “normal” (read: non-elite) ultrarunner is to focus on ‘just’ finishing, but this statement doesn’t do the mindset justice.  It’s about being present, focusing on the body in the here and now.  Competition is internal, conditions […]

Greg’s 120 Miles for Mental Health

120 miles of…. what? Running. Okay, I imagine it’s over a couple weeks?  That’s almost 200 kilometres!!! Like 10 miles a day?  That’d sure be a challenge! Nope! All in one go. If all goes well I’ll only need to run through one night! …. …. …..where and when do you participate in this….? Well this race, […]

The happiest sad person around

So what’s it like having depression… I wrote these next few thoughts while going through a minor depressive episode some time ago.  It wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t function, but the depression was apparent enough that I felt it worthwhile to document what’s going on.  Normally when things are really bad, it’s not possible to communicate what’s happening […]

Preparing for another year of growth

Since last year’s season ended, I’ve been trying to understand how I feel about my growth and performance as a runner in 2015.  Overall, I can see considerable improvement from years past, both from a performance and health standpoint, however I can’t help but think I fell short delivering on a good cycle of training and racing […]