Greg’s 120 Miles for Mental Health

120 miles of…. what? Running. Okay, I imagine it’s over a couple weeks?  That’s almost 200 kilometres!!! Like 10 miles a day?  That’d sure be a challenge! Nope! All in one go. If all goes well I’ll only need to run through one night! …. …. …..where and when do you participate in this….? Well this race, […]

The happiest sad person around

So what’s it like having depression… I wrote these next few thoughts while going through a minor depressive episode some time ago.  It wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t function, but the depression was apparent enough that I felt it worthwhile to document what’s going on.  Normally when things are really bad, it’s not possible to communicate what’s happening […]

Aaaaaannnd….. cut!

It’s cutting season!  Woooooo!!!!!!! Over one month of 2016 has come and gone and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming race season.  So, what does a guy gotta do to set himself up for a good season?  For starters, while the training load isn’t too high it’s a great opportunity to drop some […]

Preparing for another year of growth

Since last year’s season ended, I’ve been trying to understand how I feel about my growth and performance as a runner in 2015.  Overall, I can see considerable improvement from years past, both from a performance and health standpoint, however I can’t help but think I fell short delivering on a good cycle of training and racing […]