I am, because you are.

Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championship (Pandemic Edition) was a microcosm of 2020 and it’s struggles, with a voice that stands strong on how we can thrive in uncertain times. The format is simple. Complete a 6.71 km loop every hour, on the hour, until you no longer have the physical capability or will to continue. […]

‘Round and ‘Round We Go: Outrun Backyard Ultra

Only a few days to go until our merry-go-round of running, camaraderie, fun, perseverance… and for those planning on completing more than a few loops, this is sure to turn into some mild or not-so-mild discomfort, pain, and struggle. Why? Because we love it – these types of struggles lead to growth and success. And […]

Thoughts on the Mighty Quail 100k

One aspect of racing ultra marathons that drives much of my motivation is the months-long anticipation, mental preparation and race strategy that comprises the lead-up to a goal race. To me, this has provided much needed motivation to make this sport sustainable for myself. Visualizing the journey and results of a season’s hard work is […]

We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link

Writing this blog over the past year has provided me with new perspectives while I am experiencing grand adventures – my mind will wander to places of story telling, recounting events in my mind seconds after they happen, looking for what kind of messages I can communicate to a broader audience. You will never create a past […]

M.A.T. and Ultra Running

Alright, so I’ve been getting asked about what MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) is quite often, and why I find it’s beneficial to my training as an ultra runner. I’m keeping this short and sweet (I could talk about its intricacies and benefits for much longer!) for you instant gratification-type people. But really, if you are in Calgary, […]

An Exploration of Strength

Disclaimer: Before getting into this post, I want to preface this discussion with the understanding that I am no authority whatsoever on any kind of training, physical therapy, or rehabilitation. However, I will be discussing my thoughts on certain aspects of physical activity and rehabilitation based solely on my experience working with and learning from several […]