‘Round and ‘Round We Go: Outrun Backyard Ultra

Only a few days to go until our merry-go-round of running, camaraderie, fun, perseverance… and for those planning on completing more than a few loops, this is sure to turn into some mild or not-so-mild discomfort, pain, and struggle. Why? Because we love it – these types of struggles lead to growth and success. And […]

Thoughts on the Mighty Quail 100k

One aspect of racing ultra marathons that drives much of my motivation is the months-long anticipation, mental preparation and race strategy that comprises the lead-up to a goal race. To me, this has provided much needed motivation to make this sport sustainable for myself. Visualizing the journey and results of a season’s hard work is […]

We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link

Writing this blog over the past year has provided me with new perspectives while I am experiencing grand adventures – my mind will wander to places of story telling, recounting events in my mind seconds after they happen, looking for what kind of messages I can communicate to a broader audience. You will never create a past […]